Monday, August 15, 2011


One day, when  I was mowing the lawn in the "wild" section of my back yard I stumbled upon some furry toads. Okay I didn't stumble, I almost mulched them. It is common for me to have near and not so near misses with toads, so when I saw these hopping things, toads came to mind. They were not furry toads though, they were BUNNIES. Tiny little Cottontail rabbits. You'd think they would have run for dear life and zipped out of the yard, but I actually had to corral them out of the yard. I did this fighting every urge to pick them up, because dog gone it, those little guys were cute. Well, that's my rabbit story, hope you liked it.

I took this pic recently, I found this one in my neighbor's front yard. I don't know what the life expectancy is of a Cottontail, but maybe this fellow is one of the little guys I chased out out of the yard. This pic has a bad case of red eye, either that or this was a mutant rabbit about to zap me with laser beams from it's eyes.


  1. one of my brother's kittens attacked and killed a bunny the other day. it was twice as big as him. he managed to drag the carcass across 1/2 and acre to share with his siblings. at the end of the day, only the legs were left.

    have a nice day! :D

  2. I think its eyes shoot laser beams.