Wednesday, August 31, 2011

San Ramón Nonato

It the feast day of St. Raymond Nonnatus a Cardinal and Master General of the Mercedarian Order. He was from Spanish nobility and despite the attempts of his father to keep him out the religious life he eventually became a  priest, receiving the habit from St. Peter Nolasco, the founder of the Mercedarians . He spent his entire estate ransoming Christian captives from Muslim captors. In one instance he gave himself  as a hostage to free a captive. He was sentenced to death, but was spared because of his ransom value. He was tortured while imprisoned, yet was able to convert some of his guards. To keep him from preaching a padlock was fixed to his lips. He returned to Barcelona after being ransomed.

He gets the last name Nonnatus (not born) from him being taken from his mother's womb by Caesarian section after his mother's death.

He is the patron of  babies, expectant mothers, and those who are falsely accused.

Sancti Raymúndi Nonnáti, ora pro nobis

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