Monday, August 8, 2011

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo! No, not the capital of the Dominican Republic, but the man that the country and capital is named after, the highly regarded preacher Saint Dominic de Guzmán. It's his feast day!

St. Dominic was born in Caraluega, Burgos, Castile. Was a canon out of the Cathedral of Osma and had a life long apostolate combating heresies, especially the Albigensian. He worked with the Cistercian Blessed Peter of Castelnau and was a friend to the Poor Clare Saint Amata of Assisi. He founded the Order of Friars Preachers, who are most commonly referred to by their nickname, the Dominicans.  He had two brothers, Antonio and Blessed Manés de Guzmán. Antonio became a secular priest and Blessed Manés joined Dominic as a Friar Preacher, not bad for Blessed Mamá  Joan, her sons did well.  He died 1221 in Bologna, Italy.

It is said that Blessed Joan had a vision while she was pregnant with St. Dominic, that her unborn child was a dog that would set the world on fire with the torch it carried in his mouth.

Sanctus Dominicus de Guzmán, ora pro nobis