Friday, November 18, 2011

Viva Cristo Rey!

"Viva Cristo Rey!"
This was the call of the Cristeros, a group that fought against the Mexican government that was persecuting the Church and Her faithful in the early 20th century. It means "Long live Christ the King." Any day now a feature film about the Cristero War will be released in theaters, probably not any of the cinemas in my area, but at least in major markets, and the world can see the struggle for religious freedom is something not relegated to a bygone era or to pagans in the military that have to write angry letters to their command.

This Sunday is the feast of Christ the King, it was established by Pope Pius XI to counter secularism. Secularism the creeping vine that chokes our spirit. Let us raise the banner of our King and hold fast against the evils of secularism and moral relativism.

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