Monday, December 5, 2011

Bald ist Niklausabend da

St. Nicholas, he was the Bishop of Myrna and area of what is now known as Turkey. He has many stories attributed about him, such as how he calmed a storm on the way to the Holy Land, that he raised to life three boys that were murdered, that he provided a dowry to avoid a father from turning his daughters to prostitution and my favorite, he punched Arius at the Council of Nicaea.

His representations include and anchor, three bags of gold, three gold balls, three golden apples on  a book, or a bishop holding three bags of gold, three gold ball or calming a storm.

Among his many, many patronages he is the patron of children, sailors, against robbers, archers, brides, grooms, poor people, and the Greek Catholic Church.

Sancte Nicolas, ora pro nobis.


  1. Lustig, Lustig Tra-la-la-la-la
    Bald ist Nikolausabend da!
    Bald ist Nikolausabdend da!

    Thanks, that brought back font memories :)