Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Angelic Ox

Well, it's actually the 'Angelic Doctor', but before this saintly and theological heavyweight's genius became apparent he was nicknamed the 'dumb ox'. St. Thomas was born in at Roccasecca, Aquino, Naples, Italy, the son of the count of Aquino. He was educated by the Benedictine monks at Monte Cassino, and then the University of Naples. He joined the Dominican order, but was imprisoned by his family when news that he received the habit of the Oder of Preachers reached home. His family did not approve of Thomas joining  a humble mendicant order, and in the course of a year they tried to dissuade him. He couldn't be swayed and was able to rejoin the Order. If contributions to the Church could be measured on a Richter Scale, St. Thomas's theological and intellectual impact would register on the high end.

His symbols are an Ox, Chalice, dove, dove speaking in his ear, monstrance, star, sun, a teacher or someone teaching wit a pagan philosopher at his feet.

Among his many patronages are academics, apologists, booksellers, Catholic learning institutions, chastity, philosophers, students and universities.

Sancte Thoma, ora pro nobis

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