Saturday, February 4, 2012

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid

It's Saturday, it's the usual day that I go to the shooting range, but It's been a while since I engaged any targets and caught the smell of burned powder. I enjoy spending the day at the range, sending small projectiles long distances into paper or metal targets. When I have my sights or scope zeroed I prefer the metal targets because the sound of the impact of the bullet hitting the gong like target after travelling several hundred yards is pretty dang cool.

In my back yard I do the same thing, sometimes with pellets sometimes with BBs. With the pellet guns I can be precise, have good accuracy and good distance. With the BB gun not so much, but because of it's limitations, the BB gun is sometimes more fun to shoot. The satisfaction you get hitting a target with a BB way past it's most accurate range is almost as good as the one you get with a rifle.

As for my rifle of choice, it's the Springfield Armory M1A. It's the civilian version of the US military's M14 battle rifle, the last of the wood and steel service rifles. Despite it's issues and it's replacement by the M16 family, it has remained in service since it's inception. Many of them were dusted off and used by our guys in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's stock has evolved over the last 60 years, from wood to synthetic material to the almost skeletal EBR stocks, which looks kind of cool, but I still prefer the classic stock.

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  1. a couple of years ago, my brothers and my nephews set up a target and a range on our family's acreage. They were pretty good shots but not near as good as my elderly daddy. In his 80's, the old man could still shoot the bulls-eye from several several yards out. He's old school air force...back in the day of its inception as the army-air corp, they trained daddy really well. :)