Saturday, March 17, 2012

An Easpag Pádraig

St. Patrick was kidnapped at the age of 16 by Irish raiders somewhere on the west coast of Brittain, but no one knows the exact place because "Bannavem Taburniae", which according to St. Patrick is his birth place, doesn't exist anymore. Six years later he was able to return to Brittian, eventually becoming a priest and consecrated a bishop. He returned to Ireland to evangelize the Irish people. As a result of Patrick's ministry, Ireland became a bastion for the Church with it's monasteries being great repositories of education and sending Irish throughout the world to spread the Faith.

The Original Latin: Rideat autem et insultet qui uoluerit, ego non silebo neque abscondo signa et mirabilia quae mihi a Domino monstrata sunt ante multos annos quam fierent, quasi qui nouit omnia etiam ante tempora saecularia.
Gaelic: An té ar mhian leis é bíodh sé ag magadh agus ag maslú, ní fhanfaidh mise im thost ná ní cheilfidh mé na comharthaí agus na hiontais a thaispeáin an Tiarna dom blianta móra sar ar tharla siad, mar is dual dó siúd arbh eol dó gach ní fiú roimh aimsir an tsaoil seo. 
Translation: Those who wish may laugh and insult. But I will not be silent, nor will I hide the signs and wonders which the Lord has shown me even many years before they came about. He knows all things even before the beginning of time. - Saint Patrick, Confessio

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone and all the places that have St. Patrick as their patron, especially Ireland, Nigeria, and Loiza, Puerto Rico.

Sanctus Patricius, ora pro nobis.

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