Friday, March 2, 2012

Muñequitos Monasticos: Crosiers

The Canons Regular of the Order of the Holy Cross, founded by Blessed Theodore de Celles and his companions in the early 13th century.  He was made a canon of the cathedral of Liege but after preaching against the Albigensian in southern France he renounced his position as a canon and moved to Huy. It was there that he and his companions applied for confirmation of his community's founding, no doubt he was influenced by the Canons of the Holy Sepulchre he encountered during the Third Crusades. They adopted the Rule of St. Augustine, placing them in the ranks of other orders that use the rule such as the Norbertines, Dominicans, Mercedarians, Trinitarians and of course the Augustinians.

Today the Crosiers can be found in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Congo, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and the United States serving as priest and/or in various ministries.


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  4. Thanks for your great work. I am a Crosier from US!