Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Muñequitos Monasticos: Norbertines

The Canons Regular of Prémontré, the fellows that look like a gang of popes when they are together because their habits look similar to the Pope's ordinary dress. They are nick named the Norbetines after their founder, but are also known as the Premonstratensians (say that 3 times really fast), in Britain they are known as the White Canons. They were founded 1120 in Prémontré, which is in Northeast France, near Laon, but the order's founding abbey doesn't exist anymore.  Like other the Canons Regular they follow the rule of St. Augustine but since each abbey is autonomous their practices and apostolates vary.  They have their own style of Gregorian chant and even their own form of the Liturgy. You can find Norbertines around the world but are mostly concentrated in Europe. There also exist canonesses, usually called Norbertine Sisters, located mostly in Europe, with some communities in Russia and the USA.

The shoulder cape has a symbolic hood attached that is big enough to hold a can of soda (as J. P. Sonnen of the blog Orbis Catholicus Secundus says). Scapulars vary, they can be with or without buttons, another variation is a blue sash used by canons and canonesses in Hungary. They also use a white biretta with or a white zuchetto, although I haven't seen many current photos with them using said head gear. 

Canonesses of Prémontré here

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