Friday, May 18, 2012

Muñequitos Monasticos: Camaldolese of Monte Corona

The Camaldolese currently exist in two congregations, the Camaldolese of the Holy Hermitage and Camaldese of Monte Corona. The Camaldese of the Holy Hermitage would be the base order headquartered in Camaldoli founded by St. Saint Romuald  in the early 11th century. They have hermitages and monasteries and are part of the Benedictine family. The Camaldolese of Monte Corona are a reform founded in 1520 by Blessed Paul Giustiniani. They only have hermitages and are not part of the Benedictines. The fellow below is based on a Camaldolese hermit of Monte Corona.

I'm not sure if the Benedictine Camaldolese use the same exact habit as the Monte Corona hermits, my research has yielded little source material to draw from. When I can get good source material I'll be able to cover the monks and nuns of the Benedictine Comaldolese.


  1. Nice picture of Monte Corona Camaldoles monk, and yes it is very diffcult to find something aboutthe Benedictine Camaldolese

  2. Hi again
    I have looked at photos of Benedictine Camaldolese monks and as far as I can se their habit is the same as the Monte Corona Camaldolese, though the Benedictine branch makes use of the Cowl/Cuculla while Monte Corona branch makes use of a Cloack