Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Which Crown?


Part of the idea behind the cross I created, which is my current profile pic, is based on a vision St. Maximilian Kolbe had. In his vision the Blessed Virgin appeared to St. Maximilian holding two crowns, one white the other red. The white crown represented purity, the red one martyrdom. He said he would accept both.

My first exposure to St. Maximilian was in a book about Freemasonry. He had first hand experience of the Masonic dangers to the Church and wrote about it. From there I learned about this Conventual Franciscan's vision, his devotion to the Holy Mother, his use of media to evangelize and defend the Faith and his martyrdom in a Nazi concentration camp, in which he gave his life for another.

Sanctus Maximilianus, ora pro nobis.

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