Thursday, October 27, 2011

Muñequitos Monasticos: The Black Monks

The Order of Saint Benedict. Back in the 500s a man name Benedict of Nursia created a rule for monastic life. He never found an order, but that didn't stop one from forming and growing. Today the direct followers of the rule is the Order of Saint Benedict, but you also have other orders such as the Cistercians, which I have previously illustrated, and the Calmaldolese who also follow St. Benedict's rule. The Benedictine's focus is on work, prayer and self reliance. Thus you get the mottoes That in all things God may be glorified and ora et labora (pray and work/labor),

Here I have an old monk of the OSB. He is in the black colored habit, thus the nick name "Black Monks"(not o be confused with the "Black Friars", the Dominicans). In the second pic he is wearing a cuculla, a robe worn by professed Monks.

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