Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There Really Is A Spoon

I created this in college, it was for a Metals/Jewelry class, the assignment was to make a spoon. It is made from copper, but it might be copper and brass. It's all tarnished so I won't be sure until I remove the oxidation. It is stylized in the form of a scorpion. I emphasize stylized because a scorpion has eight legs and pincers, but I got the most important part, the tail. The tail is what makes the scorpion, or else it could just be  lobster or some other pincer having invertebrate.

I think someone interpreted this piece as a statement on the dangers of drugs. A spoon being an implement used to heat up certain drugs and the stinger representing the poisonous aspect. I can see that, but actually I just intended to make a cool looking spoon. Funny how art works.

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