Thursday, January 19, 2012

San Sebastián

Saint Sebastian was an officer in the Imperial Roman Army and Captain of the guard. When Emperor Diocletian was persecuting the Christians Sebastian would visit the persecuted Christians in prison bringing them supplies and comfort. He converted soldiers and a governor to Christianity and was reported to heal the wife of a soldier by doing the sign of the Cross over her. Eventually he was charged as a Christian, then tied to a tree and shot with arrows. He survived and recovered with the help of St. Irene. After his recovery he returned to preach to Diocletian, but then Diocletian had him beaten to death.

His memorial is on the 20th of January and his representations are arrows, a crown, or a naked youth tied to a tree shot with arrows.

Among his many patronages are archers, athletes, dying people, gunsmiths, Pontifical Swiss Guards, stone cutters, soldiers and of course San Sebastián, Puerto Rico.


  1. What is the name of the artist who created the silhouette of Saint Sebastian?

  2. That would be me, the author of the blog.