Monday, April 23, 2012


Known for sure about St. George is that he was a Roman soldier in the late 3rd century Holy Land. He is typically depicted as a medieval knight, from early to late middle ages, I've seen a few images that have him depicted in armor that is more period correct. I tend to be a nerd when it comes to that sort of thing so I chose to make my depiction based on a 3rd century Roman cavalryman. If St. George had a horse, as is told in his Golden Legend, that means he was either cavalry or an officer. The Golden Legend is the one about him saving the king's daughter from the dragon. A detail you don't often hear of the story is that after he rescued the maiden he had her kingdom baptised. Like many Christian soldiers of Rome during ongoing persecutions he was martyred for the Faith.

He is a symbol of chivalry and an inspiration of knighthood since the middle ages.

Among  his large list of patronages is England, Georgia, cavalry, soldiers, Boy Scouts, horsemen, and against skin diseases and plague.

Sanctus Georgius, ora pro nobis.