Friday, April 20, 2012

Muñequitos Monasticos: Dominicans

I have already covered the Dominican cooperator brothers the sisters and even made an animated Gif of a talking friar, but I haven't made an official entry on the Order of Preachers, so here it is.

The Order of Friars Preachers, they were founded by Spanish priest St. Dominic de Guzmán in the early 13th century. While traveling in Southern France he saw a need to preach the truth to stamp out the heresies that were rampant there. During his preaching ministry St. Dominic established a monastic community of women that he converted with the purpose of  praying for St. Dominic and his companion's preaching. His ministry started to attract men thus eventually forming the order. St. Dominic adopted the Augustinian Rule and during the course of their history the friars have served as preachers, canon lawyers, inquisitors, teachers, and theologians. Today the order is made up of friars (priests and cooperator brothers), active sisters, contemplative nuns, priestly fraternities and  lay fraternities.

Dominican Cooperator Brother here
Dominican Sister  here
Preaching Dominican Friar animation here 

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