Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Clip Art VII: Cross of St. James

It's the Feast of St. James the Greater, apostle to our Lord. Santiago is Spanish for St. James, which is kind of strange, one would think it might be San Jaime, or maybe San Diego. In the etymological history Jacob is the root, which spawns the variations Jacobo, Diego, in English James, and a few other variations. In Latin St. James is Sanctus Iacobus, put that together you can see where Santiago can come from, put San Diego together and you get a better resemblance. Maybe San Diego comes from Santiago Eh, I ramble.

 He is a patron of Spain, and his relics are kept in Santiago de Campostela. if you happen to be in the area check out the cathedral, if not you can visit the site, it's pretty cool and informative. I really like the opening animation after you choose the language.

Sanctus Iacobus, ora pro nobis.

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