Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Muñequitos Monasticos: Augustinian Canons

The Canons Regular of St. Augustine. I'm still unsure on their organization and origins, but I know they go back as far as some of the other ancient orders. They have such a unique habit that I had to illustrate them. In this case I based the caricature on the Canons of the Klosterneuburg Monastery. They wear a distinctive tie looking garment called a sarozium, like a scapular it drapes in the back as well as the front. The sarozium evolved from the rochet(demonstrated in the second figure). The canons remove the sarozium and replace it with a rochet when in the church. Particular to the professed canons at Klosterneuburg are the violet mozzetta with tassels for offices of the church and the tassels instead of fringes on the cassock's sash.

These are the third Canons Regular I've covered in this series, the others being the Crosiers and the Norbertines. If anyone is wondering what the Canons Regular are, they are essentially priest that live communally, like monks, following the Rule of St. Augustine.

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